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Just relax...

10 Jun 2016 8:39 AM | Douglas Preston (Administrator)

Finding Balance in Your Career and Personal Life

Doesn’t it seem as if life really is all work and no play? Between careers, children, school and the daily demands we have where has the time to appreciate our days gone to? 

Many professionals (and perhaps you, too) are proud of the hours they dedicate to building a business and sales. With success comes even more commits of our time, our life. But, as service providers and care givers we, too, need to restore our sense of balance and peace in order to be the best we can be for those who depend on us.

I am a skilled meditator, having practiced various forms of it since I was 17, 45-years ago. It is one of the most beneficial, quieting and revitalizing experiences I think anyone can have. It’s simple, easy and doesn’t require special facilities, equipment or memberships. 

Anyone can do it virtually anywhere (well, probably not while driving…) and even 15-minutes of sitting can produce powerful effects of calm and centering. It slows the world down to a manageable speed. To learn more about meditation check out:


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