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Working with a purpose

10 Jul 2016 1:35 PM | Douglas Preston (Administrator)

Most Estheticians describe their original motivation for entering the career as one that involves helping others and making a difference in the lives of those they serve. Those are undeniably worthy reasons. But, for some, a great deal of self-sacrifice is found in that mission, and usually without necessity. This self-sacrifice takes on the form of giving away services that could have been charged for, randomly reducing prices, upgrading services without adding in the cost, and allowing their time to be dominated by customers' demands. One common and understandable reason for this behavior is insecurity or uncertainty about one's value to those they serve. It's a deep feeling that unless clients are regularly incentivized they will stop rescheduling. This leads to a sense of defeat and even being taken advantage of by customers.

But, you can stop this. Now. Today. Forever.

It's important to remember that once you're licensed you have the same credibility as any other skincare professional. Perhaps not the same level of experience but, in the eyes of your clients, you are the authority. Why would they choose to work with you and pay you if they believed otherwise?

Never apologize for what you think you don't know professionally speaking. We all have to learn our trade and that takes years of treatments and customers. Still, if you have the will to put your license to practice then charge what you know (not feel) you're worth and stand by that. You'll see that no one will disagree with you and your bank account will look better, too.

Be Inspired.


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