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10-Mistakes Too Many Estheticians Make: #2

01 Aug 2016 12:09 PM | Douglas Preston (Administrator)

Charging too little for services. Sure, it may seem like a good business move to start out charging a low price for your services when you’re new to the career. But, moving those cheaper prices upward isn’t so easy once you have a clientele that’s used to a bargain. And was it really necessary to market a low price to attract business in the first place? Sometimes our lack of professional confidence in the early going convinces us to make decisions that later turned out to be as harmful to our future as it was thought to be good.

 What and who you are today sets the groundwork for who you will be tomorrow. You can’t simply morph from a low-priced Esthetician into one on top tier. The right thing to do is to decide who you want to be and then be her or him today, now, wherever you are. Yes, you’ll have to sacrifice some potential customers who don’t want to pay higher prices but, remember, the higher paying client is worth more to you in the long run. They spend more per visit and are less likely to be influenced by economic downturn or other bargain offers from your competitors. Look for them right away.

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