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10-Mistakes Too Many Estheticians Make: #6

18 Apr 2017 10:57 AM | Douglas Preston (Administrator)

Impulse purchasing at beauty trade shows. You probably know what I'm talking about: that magical walk up and down the aisles of skincare and spa shows with their fabulous displays of shiny new machines and breakthrough treatment products. Few can resist the "gotta have it!" urge that follows a gadget demo and sales pitch, or an educational class promising better skin results. The excitement of the new can quickly lead to unexpected (and unnecessary) purchases that could bust your budget or lower your business profits. Many Estheticians talk about impulsively buying products and equipment that proved to be slow sellers or lacking client demand after-the-buying-fact. There's nothing wrong with improving your skincare practice but it's always wise to slow down and think before you commit to a large or even lots of small expenditures. Remember, the money you may save is already your own!

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