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10-Mistakes Too Many Estheticians Make #7

23 Oct 2017 12:45 PM | Douglas Preston (Administrator)

Treating retail as a business option instead of an essential. Whether you consider yourself a born salesperson or run from the idea of selling, salon retailing is a powerful arm of your income potential. In my own solo skincare practice it's often those product sales dollars that take an appointment day from mediocre to spectacular. Sometimes those sales are the result of a salon service, particularly facials and makeup consultations. Other times they come through walk-in product refills or online purchases from my website store. But all are generated from taking product sales seriously and working the opportunity as well as a hands-on treatment. Smart Estheticians will seek help in mastering sales skills through training. Need help with that? Look no further than my professional video "The Retail Sales Class 3-part program". It will bring real power and dollars to your daily sales totals!

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