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  • 08 Jun 2016 1:52 PM | Douglas Preston (Administrator)

    One of the most common questions Estheticians that I meet and mentor ask me is, "How do I find new clients?" it's a question that's always a little hard to hear from them, mostly because there is no easy answer for it. Some advisers will crow about social media and even Groupon, but the simple (if discouraging) truth is that an Esthetician's business will slowly and steadily build over time, usually a long period of time. Steady client losses will require that new ones must forever be attracted and kept, right up close to retirement.

    The imagined magic technique that will have the phone ringing and clients pouring into the salon is pure fantasy, that is, unless you do happen to run a deep discount promotion that lures in a less-than-desirable deal seeker. There are plenty of them out there but is this the kind of customer you're looking for or can survive on? Most of those who have tried that marketing method have regretted it.

    No matter what kind of small service practice you have building up a reliable business demands years of effort, a great reputation, and constant re-proving yourself to the market. It means that if you ask too much of a new skincare practice or spa—I need to make enough money to live on NOW!—you may have set yourself up for failure, disappointment in the least. A farmer doesn't plant today in hopes of harvesting and eating the day following. What's needed is time, commitment, hard work, hope, consistency and very likely a second source of income until the practice can take over on its own.

    This is what we work on in The Inspired Esthetician Membership. We identify reality, set goals for the future, and work to achieve them with a realistic plan. There is no other way. So, settle in, look down the road, and get ready for a long ride to a great destination—eventually.

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